2019 and 2020 touring media event and globe trotting people with positive results..... including our own GOYAADS.ORG … an 'ALWAYS GREAT AMERICAN' call to action... with a sense of humor.   Exterminating the two party 'special interest' antiquated politicians by entertaining and enlightening humorous media.... equal opportunity offender based media... no political party affiliation or endorsement. 

STAY TUNED for several places to hangout and have fun..... 

movinthenoise.com = "Movin' the Noise - 2019 following the tours of Robby Krieger, Hank Williams Jr, Uli Jon Roth and several other 'amazing' road shows coming to your neighborhoods soon…  

keithwouldknow.com - "What would KR Do?" Answers to lifes problems in 'radio show' quick byte segments celebrating everyone's milestones.

zoomnrooms.com - '' Vituosos of globetrotting" uniquely consolidating the professionals at US 1 Travel in Santa Monica as they host over 160 independent 'agents AND advisors' for off-beat adventures and unique destinations everyhttps://ourhope.cityofhope.org/campaign/vinyl-covers/c107905where on the planet.... and maybe 'further' beyond.  

OURHOPECITYOFHOPE.ORG/campaign/vinylcovers - "Fighting cancer with music in the Horse Latitudes 2019 - themusicpath.org and glendalearts.org looking for a 'Rocktober' record and subsequent 'live release' event for breast (and all) cancer awareness month.

GOYAADS.ORG - "Always Great America" sensibly humorous action group. GetOffYourAssAndDoSomething.org


Stay tuned for further developments.  




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