​​2019 and 2020 multi-line cannabis touring media event and globe trotting people with positive results.....

Welcome and thank you for for visiting our site.  We are currently rebuilding and updating our 'multi-line' project information for the most important people on the planet.... YOU! 

STAY TUNED for several places to hangout and have fun..... 

movinthenoise.com = "Movin' the Noise - 2019 following the tours of Robby Krieger, Hank Williams Jr (Bocephus), Uli Jon Roth and several other 'amazing' road shows coming to your neighborhoods soon…  

keithwouldknow.com - "What would KR Do?" Answers to lifes problems in 'radio show' quick byte segments celebrating everyone's milestones.

zoomnrooms.com - '' Virtuosos of globetrotting" uniquely consolidating the professionals at US 1 Travel in Santa Monica as they host over 160 independent 'agents AND advisors' for off-beat adventures and unique destinations everyhttps://ourhope.cityofhope.org/campaign/vinyl-covers/c107905where on the planet.... and maybe 'further' beyond.  

OURHOPECITYOFHOPE.ORG/campaign/vinylcovers - "Fighting cancer with music in the Horse Latitudes 2019 - themusicpath.org and glendalearts.org looking for a 'Rocktober' record and subsequent 'live release' event for breast (and all) cancer awareness month.

GOYAADS.ORG - "Always Great America" sensibly humorous action group. GetOffYourAssAndDoSomething.org


Stay tuned for further developments.  




MOMSMEDIA.ORG aka M.O.M.S. creative consultancy for multi-line projects supporting the 'growing' cannabis industries.... we are updating and improving this site for the most important people on the planet.... YOU!